Unleash Creativity with Winsor&Newton Designers Gouache

Winsor&Newton is a brand that has been around since 1832 and has become synonymous with quality art supplies. Their Designers Gouache, which every gouache fan has probably heard of, is no exception. What is Winsor&Newton Designers Gouache?

Winsor&Newton has been producing Designers Gouache since 1935. It’s a smooth, flat gouache paint with a completely opaque, matt finish whose vibrant colours make it an excellent choice for graphic designers, illustrators and fine artists alike. With a remarkable range of over 80 colours, artists and designers can find just the right shade for their next project.

In addition, Winsor&Newton Designers Gouache has the unique ability to reactivate after drying, allowing you to make changes or corrections to your work even after the paint has dried. It is also possible to use it instead of watercolour, or to combine the two in your work, thanks to the common ingredient of Gum Arabic. This also makes it an excellent choice for artists who like to work with both media.

All Designer’s Gouache colours are not lightfast. Some colours, such as vivid pinks and violets, are only moderately durable and are therefore more suitable for designers than fine artists. Each tube of paint is marked with a rating of AA, A, B, or C. AA and A ratings are recommended for permanent fine art paintings as they are not expected to fade, while C ratings can fade within months.
It is important to note that gouache paintings should not be varnished as it can drastically affect the work’s depth, darkness, and finish. The best way to protect a gouache painting is to frame it, leaving some distance between the work and the glass to prevent condensation and mold growth.
Winsor&Newton Designers Gouache is a high-quality and versatile paint that is definitely worth considering for any artist or designer.


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