Masking Tape Tesa - 1/2
Masking Tape Tesa - 2/2

Masking Tape Tesa

Yellow universal masking tape for indoor use, suitable for paint jobs, covering and fastening. Resistant to all paint types. The base material for the masking tape is a slightly creped paper, covered with natural rubber adhesive. Tape thickness 125 mic. Temperature resistance +60°C 1h. Removable without traces within 3 days.

44TE43237600 4042448133540 Masking Tape Tesa 19mmx50m Masking Tape Tesa 19mmx50m
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44TE43237800 4042448133564 Masking Tape Tesa 30mmx50m Masking Tape Tesa 30mmx50m
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