On workshops and courses

The main goal of presentations is to let the participants get acquainted with new products, remember the old ones and share the new ideas in using the various handicraft and art products. Presentations provide abundant information about the qualities and using of products as well as let you try out the materials. Unlike the courses, here objects are not prepared or finished nor the techniques explored more thoroughly. Presentations in the studio are normally free of charge.

Workshops are open to all the guests and have a clear topic. In workshops you can explore interesting materials or new techniques. You can also create a present for a friend, spend a great weekend with a family or just relax on your own. Handicraft workshops teach you to design the environment around us with handy means from your home – starting from the home decorations to jewellery, accessories, birdhouses and dollhouses. Usually, workshops take place at least every weekend, on Saturday. Workshops are for a fee.

Advanced courses
Advanced courses are provided by professionals and artists of given field. These are courses for exploring the techniques and in-depth studying of the history and uses of a specific material, for discussing with professionals the science of trends or rediscovering the long forgotten arts. Advanced courses cover various subjects. We expect everyone who is interested in artistic self-expression to join the advanced courses. Prior experience with materials is not essential. Don’t be afraid that you cannot do it – everybody can manage! Advanced courses are for a fee.

The prices of Skizze workshops and courses normally include all the required materials and equipment. Occasionally, we expect you to take something along from home or buy something extra from the shop to give you a choice of precisely what and how to do. Relevant information will be clearly provided in the course ad.

The arrangement of courses and workshops shall always depend on the number of participants.

Presentations and workshops can also be arranged on order. While presentations take place mostly in the studio area of Skizze shops, we would be glad to carry out workshops also in your premises, on summer parties, company parties or birthdays. Ask more stuudio@skizze.ee.