Watercolour pencil Winsor&Newton Studio+pad - 1/4
Watercolour pencil Winsor&Newton Studio+pad - 2/4 Watercolour pencil Winsor&Newton Studio+pad - 3/4 Watercolour pencil Winsor&Newton Studio+pad - 4/4

Watercolour pencil Winsor&Newton Studio+pad

Winsor&Newton W&N Studio Collection

Explore stunning watercolour effects and rich, vibrant hues with these wonderfully versatile thick-core pencils from Winsor&Newton. Use dry like a regular pencil, or experiment with a wet brush to transform the pencil colour into paint – perfect for creating gorgeous, expressive artworks on the go. They’re beautifully smooth to use and sharpen cleanly, with cores and points that won’t break under pressure. Winsor&Newton Studio Collection watercolour pencils are wax based, which make them perfect for laying down coverage. Use them dry like a regular pencil, or experiment with a wet brush to transform the colour into beautiful watercolour effects. Apply water to your piece to discover the range of colour and effects that can be created with these rich, vibrant hues. You can also apply the colour on a separate palette with water to create your own watercolour paint. Studio Collection pencils have high quality binders in the core so they will not break easily under pressure, even when dropped.
Set is packed into a beautiful box with a easy-access magentic closure and includes also 20 sheets of 250g/m² multipurpose paper and a brush.

02WN20900030 884955085219 Watercolour pencil W&N Studio 48pcs+pad+brush Watercolour pencil W&N Studio 48pcs+pad+brush
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