Math set Maped Nightfall - 1/3
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Math set Maped Nightfall

Maped Maped Nightfall

Being Nightfall is letting the night ignite your inspiration. Choose the tools you need to redesign the world. Create a new style and unique universe. Unleash your creativity! The Nightfall collection offers school supplies decorated with ultra-trendy designs. Let the mysterious universe and the trendy colors amaze and inspire your everyday life!
Equipped with metal temples, the Maped Nightfall compass is perfectly stiff and extremely durable. It withstands everyday manipulations and the hectic life of college students. The screw system allows to hold pencils of fine to medium diameters to draw perfect circles. Ideal for varying styles and colors, for lively and colorful designs. Everything is stored in its protective metal box, easily transportable.

Box includes:
Study compass with universal holder
Study compass
2 square rulers

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