Lumi board Maped Creativ - 1/2
Lumi board Maped Creativ - 2/2

Lumi board Maped Creativ

Maped Maped Creativ

Maped Creativ Lumi Board helps you learn how to draw while having fun!

Creation steps:
1) Transfers images from various templates using light projection
2) Create your own compositions by putting together several templates
3) Colour your work with the Maped Color’Peps Ocean felt-tip pens

Product benefits:
– Drawing machine with light projection
– 250 drawings
– 5 levels of difficulty to support the child in his development

Light machine
30 plastics cards with templates to transfer
12 Maped Color’Peps Ocean felt-tip pens
20 blank A4 sheets
Sun visor

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