Rayher Hobby began as a two-man company in 1961 and has developed to one of the leading companies in the hobby and creative industry. Rayher products appeal to imaginative people while discovering and developing their own creativity. There are lot of creative minds and hands in Rayher in-house studio which work with products and offer new ideas, trends and stimulations. Several times a year, the design and product management team visit the most important exhibitions from Asia the US to search for creative trends, new hobbies and crafting materials.


Wolfgang Rayher sets up a company for costume jewellery production in Marbach am Neckar. It was simple jewellery made of wooden beads. The jewellery is produced at home and offered on the German market. Already after a short time the change in fashion requires additional designs and materials. That’s why W. Rayher extends his assortment and also produces costume jewellery made of glass, plastic and metal as well.

For the first time the jewellery collection is shown at the Frankfurt Fair as well as at regional sales agent shows.

As single parts of the jewellery creations show signs of wearing from time to time, W. Rayher asks himself if spare parts are necessary. Out of this thought he develops the idea to offer single parts for do-it-yourself necklaces. Rayher products are also being delivered to Switzerland and Austria.

The company exhibits for the first time additionally to the costume jewellery fairs at the international toys fair Nürnberg, with specialisation on model making and hobby.

Sale of the product is being extended to the neighbouring countries Netherlands, Belgium and South Tyrol.

The increasing importance and the big market changes in the crafting business cause W. Rayher to stop producing costume jewellery.

The company grows. W. Rayher buys premises in Laupheim, a hall with office annexe is being built. All 23 employees move from Biberach to Laupheim which is 20 km away.

The individual enterprise Wolfgang Rayher is transformed to Rayher Hobby GmbH. The company employs 100 staff members.

Thanks to the steady growth an investment in a new high bay warehouse with 4500 pallet places is made. The highest industrial building of the town is now the Rayher company.

Rayher founds an own production and packaging plant in Serbia.

To learn more about products which are even more suitable for the retailers and for better comprehension of the retailers Rayher founds a test market in Ulm which is named Hobbykunst.

In 50 years Rayher has developed into one of the biggest European suppliers in the craft material sector. Around 18,000 products, imported worldwide, are available in more than 30 European countries. More than 6000 specialist shops receive goods from Laupheim, which has a floor space of 11000 m². The company meanwhile counts 300 staff members. Additionally a team of 30 sales agents attends to the needs of the customers Europe-wide.