Maped is a family-owned French company which has spent more than 65 years basing its development on its industrial expertise, culture of innovation and ability to react in order to offer its customers effective solutions in the school and office supplies field. Their mission is to reinvent school and office accessories and Maped believes that it is possible to refresh consumers interest in the traditional market via functional innovation, design and a promise of quality, the result of a strong integration between the creation and manufacturing processes.

Maped focuses on research&innovation, design and quality. They develop new technological applications and industrial processes which give consideration to the environment: design the future, meet consumer needs effectively and integrate the sustainable development. Main performance factors on all products are functionality and aesthetics. 40 people are dedicated to quality – they make 860 control protocols and 800 tests per year!


Maped company founded as ‘Manufacture d’Articles de Précision Et de Dessin’. With as initial activity, the manufacture of brass compasses.

Maped joins the ‘Groupement des Fabricants de la Papeterie’ (GFP), an Economic Interest Group (EIG) which mutualises its commercial resources to improve its distribution.

First diversification within the company – Maped begins to produce scissors.

The process of diversification continues! Maped buys the company Mallat (manufacturer of erasers) and begins to produce and sell erasing products.

To provide a competitive industrial base for its diversifications and international expansion, Maped creates a production subsidiary in China: Maped Stationery LTD. Production diversification continues by adding the manufacture of staplers, hole punches and other office accessories.

Maped continues to pursue growth across the different markets of school accessories and framing: manufacture of pencil sharpeners, school accessories and framing tools.

Maped launches its colouring range with Color’Peps coloured pencils.

German subsidiary created by purchasing the helit group, specialising in office accessories and its DIPLOMAT writing range.

Maped buys the company Helix (UK & USA)
A new visual identity for the Maped brand.