Since 1966, company SALER has been producing primed artist canvas under the trademark CARAVAGGIO. Caravaggio artist canvas is manufactured with different types of fibers, cotton, linen, jute or polyester and is entirely processed in factory in Gallarate, North West of Italy, from the preparatory treatment to the final packaging, including all steps of quality control. Wide range of primed artist canvas, resulting from a careful selection in the years, may satisfy any demand on the artistic market.

Caravaggio canvases are sold to Italy, Europe and worldwide. Saler produce around 5,000 linear meters of canvas every day. Only in 2016, production output exceeded 1,600,000 square meters. Saler has three coating machines, two of which are exclusively used for the production of primed artist canvas. Saler is also producing inkjet artist canvas for high quality printing of paintings by subject and for the graphic arts.

A high and constant quality standard by means of severe quality controls allow Caravaggio to be a renowned name both in Italy and abroad.