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Lettering pencil Manuscript


Manuscript Lettering Pencil – a one-of-a-kind product unlike any other! Create your own shaped graphite with a sharpening file to express yourself wherever. The perfect tool to practise your calligraphy, hand lettering, sketching or illustration work – perfect for any creative project! This wooden clutch pencil is ergonomically designed to sit perfectly in your hand while you sketch or practise your hand lettering and calligraphy.

Set contains:
Black wooden clutch pencil with a round graphite pencil lead
Tube of black flat and round graphite pencil leads
Sharpening file to sharpen the leads to create any lettering style you want

01MCP100BLK0 5020180100036 Lettering pencil Manuscript black+leads+sharpening file Lettering pencil Manuscript black+leads+sharpening file
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