Drawing paper Canson The Wall - 1/2
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Drawing paper Canson The Wall

Canson Canson The Wall

Canson The Wall is a revolutionary paper specifically designed for graffiti artists, illustrators and designers. It acts as a real wall being completely opaque, bleed-proof and double sided. It is resistant to alcohol-based markers and spray cans and it enables the artis to draw clear and precise lines with very thin felt-tip pens as well as with thich markers. Thanks to its unique innovative manufacturing process, ink will neveer bleed through The Wall, even when it is subject to heavy and repeated use of markers. With a smooth and high white surface, the contrast of colours is enchanced and it allows its users to create large and solid tint areas with no blotching for a professional result look. It weight offers a perfect compromise between rigidity and flexibility to ensure ease of use. No waste with The Wall, it provides excrellent results even when used on both sides.

02CA00079742 3148950119889 Drawing paper The Wall 50x70cm/220g Drawing paper The Wall 50x70cm/220g
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