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Bamboo cup Rayher


The Rayher’s reusable products out of bamboo provide more scope for creativity with greater sustainability! There are numerous creative possibilities for the individual designing of the plain-coloured bamboo products: chalk paint, matt and gloss craft paints, markers, stickers etc (the paint cannot be baked, because the material is not suitable for the oven). Taking an ecological responsibility against the waste of resources and having precocious green conscience about evergrowing mountains of rubbish – that’s what the sustainable reusable bamboo products stands for!
– Bamboo grows fast thereby saving valuable resources
– Food-safe and with neutral taste
– Dishwasher-safe
– Lightweight but hardly breakable
– Customizable
– 50% bamboo, 30% cornstarch and only 20% melanin
– Not suitable for microwave or baking oven

02RY46324000 4006166070815 Bamboo cup Rayher 350ml Bamboo cup Rayher 350ml
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