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Automoblox Original X9 SUV


A perfect mix of style and utility, the Automoblox X9 defines off-road chic with a bold wheel design, an aggressive front grille guard and rear brush bar replace the front and rear skid plates. Running boards, roof rack and a spare tire give the X9 the utility to tackle the mountain trails and stark canyon floors at the far edge of imagination’s landscape. Finished in Acura’s Ionized Bronze Metallic.
Parts: body (3 parts), body connectors (2pcs), wheels (5pcs), tires (5pcs), roof, Automoblox figure
Measurments: 18.2×11.4x9cm

Automoblox Original products are future-retro style cars that are fun to play with. The Original line of cars features a unique part connection, which enables to join various Original line car parts with each other and to invent your own new model. The car body is made of wood. Mini and Original body parts are not interchangeable.
Ages 3+, contains small parts.

TBD 92ABXAX-0030 816774010226 Automoblox Original X9 SUV bronze Automoblox Original X9 SUV bronze
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